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The Bardgett Denture Difference

Bardgett Smile Center offers clients customized complete and partial dentures.  The denturists at Bardgett Smile Center consult with each client to determine the client’s individual concerns and customize a treatment plan to ensure client comfort and satisfaction.

What makes the Bardgett Smile Center Experience superior?


• The denturists at Bardgett Smile Center provide clients with a functional, customized smile.  The Bardgett Team works with each client to ensure that all of their concerns are addressed and their denture desires become a reality.


• Bardgett Smile Center offers our clients an on-site lab, allowing our skilled denturists to work with the rest of the Bardgett Team to customize your dentures in the most efficient manner available.


• Bardgett Smile Center offers customized, hand-crafted dentures designed and created in our state of the art on-site lab.  Additionally, Bardgett Smile Center offers clients one hour denture repairs.


• Bardgett Smile Center designs and creates dentures using the latest technology.  Thomas Bardgett and the Bardgett Team have been working with various products for over 40 years and are familiar with the benefits that and are able to provide clients with functional, customized dentures as a result.


• Bardgett Smile Center offers clients certified denturists with many years of experience.  Bardgett Smile Center team members teach denturist throughout the country about the latest techniques in the industry.


• Bardgett Smile Center offers clients denture relining within 3 hours and denture adjustments within 15 minutes.  This is significantly quicker than our competition and is possible because the Bardgett Team is on-site and our state-of-the-art lab is equipped with all the necessary tools to address our clients’ concerns.


• Bardgett Smile Center offers clients denturists who work exclusively with dentures, each and every day.  The Bardgett Team is experienced in addressing many denture issues and solving denture related concerns effectively.





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