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Free Denture Cleaning

Bardgett Smile Center invites you to experience our denture cleaning service, free of charge.

Oral hygiene is extremely important.  Because dentures are made of acrylic (plastic) and cover large areas of your mouth, dentures can collect vast amounts of odor and bacteria.  This can compromise the condition of your oral cavity and can lead to bad breath as a side effect.  It is also possible for denture patients to produce and accumulate calculus, which is a hard yellow substance that sticks to dentures and causes foul odors.


The Bardgett Smile Center welcomes you to experience a free denture cleaning using our state of the art SYMPRO denture cleaner.  The SYMPRO denture cleaner cleans dentures with polishing paste and a special antiplaque composite to prevent many of the unwanted side effects of wearing dentures.  The best results are experienced by patients who have their dentures cleaned by the SYMPRO denture cleaner at least twice a year.







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