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Dental implants are metal or ceramic devices that replace the root of the natural tooth. Implants are fixed into the jaw to provide a solid base for artificial tooth replacement. After an implant is placed into the underlying bone, artificial teeth are attached to it, enabling normal function.



Single Tooth Replacement Implants


This is the simplest type of dental implant, with the restoration made to look like a natural tooth. It will function the same as your natural teeth, and your care for it will also be the same. The one difference you will notice is that it will not be sensitive to pressure, cold and hot.


Multiple-Tooth Replacements


When multiple teeth are missing in the same area, there are a few dental implant alternatives. One is to replace each tooth with a single implant. The other alternative is to use several implants as anchors, to which a bridge is attached. The restoration has the advantage of having a solid anchor to the jaw and the restoration is "fixed." It is not removable like a partial or denture.


Full Arch Tooth Replacement


Dental implants can be used in this situation much the same as for Multiple-Tooth Replacement. Multiple single-tooth implants can be used for the result closest to having your own natural teeth again. Other options are to place several implants at strategic points based on pressures exerted in the mouth. A bar is attached to the implant posts, and the restoration is attached to the bar.





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